mars 10, 2024
Sustainable Development Goals at Trevalco

Nos réductions d’émissions

Chez Trevalco, nous avons calculé pour la première fois nos émissions de scope 1 et 2. Il s’agit des émissions de gaz à effet de serre (GES) dues à la combustion directe et à l’utilisation de l’électricité. En 2023, par rapport aux années de référence 2018-2020, nous avons constaté une réduction de près de 50 %. Ce qui est un excellent résultat. Cette réduction est principalement due à : Elle ne s’arrête pas là. Nous avons mis en place un […]
octobre 24, 2023

Electrification of our fleet

Last year at Trevalco, we decided to take the first steps toward a more sustainable organization. We are proud to share that one of our key initiatives, the electrification of our fleet, has been a great success. In late 2021, we already started warming up our employees to electric driving: volunteers to exchange the gasoline car for an electric one were sought and found. Starting in 2022, our recent graduates received an electric car by default, and we noticed that […]
septembre 12, 2022
Nissan Leaf bedrijfswagen

Anneleen, our first electric driving colleague

At the beginning of this year Anneleen started as Trainee Consultant with Trevalco, since then she is driving with the first electric car in our fleet. We ask her whether she is happy with the car, and of course how she is liking the job. How long are you working now with Trevalco? In september 2022 that will be 8 months, starts counting right. You started almost immediately on an assignment with Pfizer in Puurs, what are you doing there […]
juin 15, 2022

Sustainability at Trevalco

Trevalco is an organization which treats man, environment and society with great respect. As described in our mission we want to create added value economically, ecologicaly as well as for society. It is our intent to evolve the coming years into an organization which is more mature in terms of responsible entrepreneurship. Our starting point are the sustainable development goals of the United Nations. Within Trevalco there is sufficient support, both at management level as well as at the level […]