Our story

Trevalco is a consultancy company founded by Tim Vertongen and Joachim Nuyttens in 2017. Both are senior consultants working for many years in Life Sciences.

A question we often get during job interviews, when talking to clients or partners is: why did you start with Trevalco?

The years before starting Trevalco, Tim and Joachim worked together on a major GMP audit remediation project. We could be part of a great, very diverse team, with more than one colleague that was unique in his / her own way. Hence the dream was born to build our own team.

We wanted to build a company in which people are valued for the person they are, not just their technical skills or past experience. A company that invests in its employees more than the average consultancy company does. A company that provides added value to its clients and its employees.

Another thing is that we like freelance work. Tim and Joachim worked for many years as freelance consultants. All our freelance colleagues are valued team members. They are invited to team events and trainings. And we do our very best to find also for them the best projects, coach them to reach their goals and offer them our best possible service as their agency of choice.

A few years after founding the company we put this mission, vision and values on paper. However, we realize these values have always been there. It is what we are, and what we want to be.

And well, the rest is history...


  • 2017Trevalco is founded

    Tim and Joachim execute a first project together, to validate a cloud-based document management system for a client in Norway.
  • 2018First employees

    We hire our first two employees and our first freelance colleague. We also move into our office in Willebroek.
  • 2021Change for growth

    Tim and Joachim become full-time managers at Trevalco, to dedicate their time to managing daily operations and growth of Trevalco
  • 2023New office

    We move to a new office in Officenter A12, Aartselaar.
  • 2024Trends Gazellen

    We achieve our first Trends Gazellen nomination.