Meet Trevalco: this is Joachim

Name: Joachim Nuyttens

Role: Founder and Managing Director Quality & HR

Part of the team since October 2017

Tell us about your workspace

I’m at the office for meetings very regularly, but mostly I am working from home. The Trevalco office is only a 15-minutes bike ride from my home, so that allows for a lot of flexibility in planning my workday.

I think my home office is very spacious. Having a large desk, comfortable chair, a neatly setup workstation and some personal decorative items is what I need to be creative.

I am fond of the painting that is hanging in view of my webcam. We inherited it from my wife’s grandfather whom we liked very much. It shows an old street entering a village. The painting to me shows a romantic, timeless view of “coming home”.

Working from home gives me the time to keep both of my kids on their morning schedule, to walk my daughter to school, and to start the day with a short meditation. Occasional meetings at the office, as well as digital meetings with colleagues, job candidates and our providers keep me connected to the outside world.

What do you do at Trevalco?

At Trevalco I'm responsible for Human Resources and for Quality. What I consider the main goal of my job is to create a company culture in which open communication is the standard, in which colleagues are motivated because they like what they are doing. For our employees it is important that their jobs add value to what they find important and that their jobs help them reach their goals.

Of course, a significant part of my workday is spent on making sure HR and other operational processes are running smoothly, and on the selection and hiring of new colleagues.

What did you do before Trevalco?

I have been working as a consultant in the pharmaceutical industry for about 15 years. I have done assignments in validation, quality assurance, ICT and engineering. I really enjoyed the variation in between jobs and working at different companies.

What are you doing besides Trevalco?

I have no fancy hobbies or exotic travel destinations, that’s not my thing. I make time for a daily walk in the nearby woods, take care of my small garden, play computer games with the kids and enjoy a book or a magazine.