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February 20, 2021
Yannick Jonsson
Employee testimonial – Yannick Jönsson
March 14, 2021
Team event: digital escape room

2021’s new year event had to go digital, but nevertheless we had a great time with the whole team.

First there was a business update by Tim, followed by introductions of new colleagues and some questions & answers. We skipped to the fun part of the evening after 30 minutes.

All colleagues had received a food box delivered at their home by Cosmocafé. This was really delicious. For the vegetarians, like myself, there was a meat-free version.

The fun part of the evening was a digital escape room called the “Pegasus Project”, hosted by Funkey. In teams of 4-5 we were carried away in a story of undercover agents, walking around in virtual building, finding digital clues and hacking away at secret codes. It felt like a real escape room in which you could work together while video-chatting, everyone forgot for a moment that this was a digital event.

All our teams finished at around 1 hour 30 minutes, which allowed for some time afterwards to continue video-chatting, sharing a drink and enjoying our snacks. We had a great evening!

Joachim Nuyttens
Joachim Nuyttens
At Trevalco I'm responsible for HR and Quality. The main goal of my job is to create an organization in which we foster personal development and build towards direct motives that inspire performance: play, purpose and potential. Because at the end of the day we want happy employees delivering great services to our customers.

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