Digital escape room

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February 20, 2021
Team event: digital escape room
Digitale escape room
February 27, 2021
Team event: digital escape room

2021’s new year event had to go digital, but nevertheless we had a great time with the whole team.

First there was a business update by Tim, followed by introductions of new colleagues and some questions & answers. We skipped to the fun part of the evening after 30 minutes.

All colleagues had received a food box delivered at their home by Cosmocafé. This was really delicious. For the vegetarians, like myself, there was a meat-free version.

The fun part of the evening was a digital escape room called the “Pegasus Project”, hosted by Funkey. In teams of 4-5 we were carried away in a story of undercover agents, walking around in virtual building, finding digital clues and hacking away at secret codes. It felt like a real escape room in which you could work together while video-chatting, everyone forgot for a moment that this was a digital event.

All our teams finished at around 1 hour 30 minutes, which allowed for some time afterwards to continue video-chatting, sharing a drink and enjoying our snacks. We had a great evening!

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