Workshop efficiency & effectiveness

Yannick Jonsson
Een collega vertelt – Yannick Jönsson
March 14, 2021
rocks and sand
Workshop efficiency & effectiveness
April 22, 2021
rocks and sand

Today the whole team “zoomed in” on a digital workshop on “Efficiency & Effectiveness”.

Nico Van de Venne was our coach. He gently guided us in discovering how we can organize our working days to be more efficient and less stressful.

We learned what big rocks and sand can tell us about priorities. We learned how to make up a week planning providing time for the unexpected but especially for our non-work related activities. We learned how good Eisenhower was in managing his time.

But most of all we learned from each other. Telling stories, situations that happened to us, how we solved it and how other colleagues would have solved it.

This was not only a very useful training, but also a great teambuilding.

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