Why work for Trevalco

Learning opportunities

At Trevalco we offer different approaches to learning, so that everyone can learn in his own preferred way. We offer classroom training and digital online training by both in-house and external trainers. We also offer memberships to professional associations such as ISPE for those who want to participate to workshops and small conferences with other specialists.

We have a library of digital books and reference standards, to which all our employees can ask for additions. And of course Tim and Joachim are always ready to provide coaching for specific topics.

Working in the pharmaceutical industry

An important motivation for starting a carreer in the pharmaceutical industry is the desire to help and improve the lives of others. Working in the pharmaceutical industry offers a greater opportunity for making the difference than in other industries.

But next to that, the pharmaceutical industry is also a great place to work. Being so well established in Belgium it offers a high certainty of employment for your entire carreer.

There are constant breakthroughs in the pharmaceutical industry, imagine not only new products but also innovations in supporting technologies. This is a great motivation to continue to learn new things.

Because there are so many different job options in this industry, it is possible to evolve your carreer from one expertise to the other.

Our company culture

Having a good company culture is one of our management's top priorities.

Enabling open communication, so that everyone feels confident when speaking up. To create an atmosphere of transparency, in which everyone can fit in.

Work / life balance because all of us have a family to take care of or non-professional commitments after working hours.

Oh, and we don't want to be the biggest. Because we don't want our people to become numbers in our record of accounts.

Flexible salary packages

Our salary package contains all the traditional elements you typically find with pharmaceutical consultancy companies. We make a difference by being more flexible with extra days of vacation for colleagues that need this for family time, and we offer different mobility solutions including company cars and the mobility budget.

Be part of a great team

Our current team of 30 people is a good mix of colleagues with a permanent contract and freelancers, different ages and different backgrounds. This creates a good dynamic on the workfloor, on training days and team buildings. We also know that our colleagues support each other, are ready to listen and help out when someone is having a hard time.

Tim and Joachim, our management team, have both worked as consultant in the pharmaceutical industry for about 15 years. They know the technical aspects, but also the interpersonal and organizational challenges our team members have to face. They are always ready to jump in and provide personal coaching, training.