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June 29, 2023

At Trevalco, we believe that everyone’s career path is unique, and our goal is to provide a supportive environment where our employees can discover their best way forward. Whether you’re just starting out in your career or you’re an experienced professional, we offer various opportunities to help you grow and develop.

Tim Vertongen and Joachim Nuyttens from Trevalco
Both managers of Trevalco, Tim and Joachim, work for about 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry. They have a scientific and engineering background, having worked on pharmaceutical projects in QA, validation, engineering and ICT for around 15 years. They are always happy to provide training and coaching on both technical as well as people aspects.

We also understand that work is just one part of a fulfilling life. Your priorities might shift from career development and promotion, to more focus on family life, health or hobbies. Ideally there is a good mix, but unfortunately you don’t always have a choice. For example, when you are raising young kids or when there are health problems. We are ready to discuss the best career options regarding work/life balance for our employees and applicants to our job openings.

We support our team members in several ways, including coaching and training, advising, and providing interesting assignments. Whether you already know what your next step is or you’re still exploring your options, we give you the guidance you need to achieve your goals.

We have a training program developed specifically for our pharmaceutical consulting services, including both instructor lead as well as self-paced eLearnings on our digital learning platform.

We provide interesting assignments that allow our colleagues to explore new areas and gain new skills. These assignments may be temporary, project-based, or even part-time, and they can help individuals gain valuable experience in different fields.

Finally, we offer flexible work arrangements (such as part-time work) when needed. And we try to work out any specific needs regarding working hours, hybrid work with our clients to create the right balance for colleagues who have conflicting priorities in their private life.

Trevalco is an organization that values individual growth and development. We know that everyone’s career path is different, and we strive to provide a supportive environment where individuals can achieve their objectives. We believe that our coaching, advising, and assignment opportunities help our colleagues attain success and thrive.

If you’re interested in exploring new career opportunities, or just need some guidance in your current position, be sure to check out our vacancies or just reach out through our contact page. We’ll help you get where you want to go.

Joachim Nuyttens
Joachim Nuyttens
At Trevalco I'm responsible for HR and Quality. The main goal of my job is to create an organization in which we foster personal development and build towards direct motives that inspire performance: play, purpose and potential. Because at the end of the day we want happy employees delivering great services to our customers.

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