Our consultants are highly trained, motivated professionals.

We can provide project engineers, project managers, quality assurance and validation specialists, functional and business analysts. All our consultants, staff and freelance, receive proper coaching fit for their level of experience and the requirements of their assignment.

Our consultants can be staffed in a traditional consultancy model, but we also offer integrated teams with the option of a fixed price model. We can also facilitate the growth of your internal staff through our academy model.


On-site trainings, workshops or all-inclusive hosted events for your organization.

Both founders of Trevalco are experienced trainers in many areas of interest to the pharmaceutical industry.

With the expertise in our network we can provide any training regarding regulatory, quality assurance and validation.

We have a series of internally developed "off-the-shelve" trainings, but we also prepare trainings to meet a specific need within your organization.

Our trainings can be given on your site, on a conference location you arrange or we can provide the required facilities to host your event.


We help you prepare for inspections, or make sure suppliers are meeting your expectations.

We execute supplier audits, internal audits and assist your organization in audit preparation or remediation.

Supplier audits allow for a complete evaluation of the supplier organisation, quality system, technical capability and key practices.
A typical supplier can be audited in just two working days, as such benefits of conducting a supplier audit far outweigh costs.

An internal audit of your facility, service or quality system by a consultant can identify issues which would remain undiscovered when relying just on internal auditors.
We manage audits at your site in all discretion, in different fields of expertise.

We have experience setting up extensive audit remediation programs, for example after a warning letter.