Our consultants are highly trained, motivated professionals.

We can provide project engineers, project managers, quality assurance and validation specialists, functional and business analysts. All our consultants, staff and freelance, receive proper coaching fit for their level of experience and the requirements of their assignment.

Our consultants can be staffed in a traditional consultancy model, but we also offer integrated teams with the option of a fixed price model. We can also facilitate the growth of your internal staff through our academy model.


On-site trainings, workshops or all-inclusive hosted events for your organization.


We help you prepare for inspections, or make sure suppliers are meeting your expectations.


We get your organization ready for the new EU GDPR

We advise small to medium sized companies regarding compliance with the new EU GDPR regulation. Our GDPR services are setup as a cost-efficient methodology to achieve GDPR compliance with limited effort thanks to pre-made templates, and questionaires.

We assist you in evaluating applicability and implications of GDPR for your organization. We set up a register of data processing activities and a privacy declaration together with your employees. Our methodology includes detailed assessments covering all relevant aspects of GDPR for your organization. Our standard services can be extended with the evaluation or procurement of technical solutions, with technical writing and training as required.

Our service "GDPR start" includes:

  • evaluation of GDPR material and territorial scope
  • audit of your organization to identify personal data
  • setting up register of personal data and data processing activities, as required by GDPR
  • setting up privacy declaration meeting the requirements of GDPR
  • define high-level action plan and set priorities for GDPR compliance

Our service "GDPR compliance" includes in addition to the "GDPR start" package:

  • detailed GDPR compliance assessment
  • detailed action plan and set priorities for GDPR compliance

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